Technical description of ceiling film heater

Film electric heater Zebra is a component for building up of heating system for rooms of various purposes, main or auxiliary.

External view of heating element:
1 – Power supply wires
2 – Grounding wire
3 - Polymer dielectric film
4 - Heating elements
5 – Radiator
6 – Transparent area for heater fastening

Technical features:
Alternating voltage of power supply mains, 220 V, 50 Hz
Maximum specific consumed power – 200 W/sq. m
Sheeting thickness – less than 1 mm
Sheeting weight – 550 g/sq. m
Protection level IP-44

Standard dimension types: 
Film electric heating elements are manufactured with standard width of 0.5 m.
Type-and-size range of heater lengths is given below:

Type-and-size range of film heaters

Name / Length ´ Width / Voltageе / Power / Product area

Ceiling film electric heater ZEBRA (power not greater than 200 W/sq. m)

220 ~ 230 V

2L ПН 4.6x0.5 220~231 V/460 W (2.3 sq. m)

2L ПН 3.75x0.5 220~232 V/375 W (1.875 sq. m)

2L ПН 3.45x0.5 220~234 V/345 W (1.725 sq. m)

2L ПН 2.95x0.5 220~236 V/295 W (1.475 sq. m)

2L ПН 2.35x0.5 220~230 V/235 W (1.175 sq. m)

2L ПН 2.05x0.5 220~230 V/205 W (1.025 sq. m)

2L ПН 1.75x0.5 220~230 V/175 W (0.875 sq. m)

2L ПН 1.4x0.5 220~230 V/140 W (0.7 sq. m)

2L ПН 1.25x0.5 220~230 V/125 W (0.625 sq. m)

200 ~ 220 V

2L ПН 4.4x0.5 200~221 V/440 W (2.2 sq. m)

2L ПН 3.35x0.5 200~222 V/335 W (1.675 sq. m)

2L ПН 2.25x0.5 200~220 V/225 W (1.125 sq. m)

2L ПН 1.95x0.5 200~220 V/195 W (0.975 sq. m)

2L ПН 1.8x0.5 200~220 V/180 W (0.9 sq. m)

2L ПН 1.45x0.5 200~220 V/145 W (0.725 sq. m)

2L ПН 1.4x0.5 200~220 V/140 W (0.7 sq. m)

2L ПН 1.2x0.5 200~220 V/120 W (0.6 sq. m)

Floor film electric heater ZEBRA (power not greater than 150 W/sq. m)

220 ~ 230 V

2L НН 3.9x0.5 220~230 V/292.5 W (2 sq. m)

2L НН 3.25x0.5 220~230 V/243.75 W (1.65 sq. m)

2L НН 2.4x0.5 220~230 V/180.0 W (1.25 sq. m)

2L НН 1.95x0.5 220~230 V/146.25 W (1 sq. m)

2L НН 1.65x0.5 220~230 V/123.75 W (0.85 sq. m)

2L НН 1.35x0.5 220~230 V/101.25 W (0.65 sq. m)

2L НН 0.85x0.5 110~115 V/63.75 W (0.425 sq. m)
Used in pairs for voltage 220-230 V

Film heater is intended for heating rooms of various purpose, being used as a component of basic or auxiliary heating system. Heater sheeting is flexible and may be rolled up into a roll with internal diameter of 8-10 cm during transportation.

Advanced technical strip upon the product contains all technical information and marking, data about manufacturer.

Power consumption of electric heater Zebra

Rated average seasonal power consumption of film heating system per heating season is:

  • for living accommodations – 11 kW-h per month for one sq. m of heated area.
  • for office rooms – 15 kW-h per month for one sq. m of heated area.

Power consumption, indicated above, is valid, of the following conditions are observed:

  • building (room) has reached the thermal conditions (is warmed up). This process depending on the external temperature will last up to 4 weeks (for newly commissioned buildings)
  • building (room) conforms to the construction norms related to heat insulation
  • ceiling height does not exceed 3 m for living accommodations
  • temperature, set at thermoregulator, does not exceed +20°С
  • there is natural air exchange in room (no forced ventilation)
  • mains voltage conforms to rated voltage of the product
  • film heaters are arranged in open form (are not covered with decorative lining).

Requirements to room heat insulation

System of film electric heating first of all warms up walling, so it is important that they would have sufficient thermal resistance (capability to prevent heat passing through them into surrounding environment). If thermal resistance is insufficient, heat will pass away, and power consumption will increase. Minimum values of thermal resistance for your zone are indicated in SNiP 23-02-2003 "Thermal protection of buildings".

High requirements to heat insulation in modern conditions are not just a formality; heating of "space" at one's own expense is not altruism, but total foolishness. Year after year energy resources become more expensive, and each ruble, invested in heat insulation of your house, will be compensated by smaller bills for consumed electric power. 

In order to solve this problem our technical service provides remote inspection of the client's object (on the basis of data, obtained from questionnaire) and proposes specific measures for elimination of drawbacks. If we turn you down, it means that it is not economically reasonable to heat your building in its present state, and it is necessary to realize measures of additional heat insulation. We value our reputation, adhere to a principle of maximum openness, and think that it is better to turn the client down at once, than to subject him to further disappointments.

Requirements to power mains

We consider that power energy is of low quality, if there is the possibility of its drop below required 220 V. Voltage drop by 20% will lead to practically 50% loss in the system capacity. So, the building will not receive the amount of heat, necessary for it, the system will stop turning off, and you will be strongly disappointed by your bills for electric power.

If you want to install stabilizer, you should understand that your bills will increase by 10%, as a minimum. Besides that the stabilizer is not capable of raising voltage in case of significant drop.

For solving of such problem we had developed the special series of film electric heaters ZEBRA – multi-voltage ones; these products operate similarly well both at normal voltage and at the reduced voltage.

Requirements to electric capacity

Requirements to dedicated capacities are rather high – 130 W per square meter of heated area. Please take notice that these capacities are needed only for heating; besides that you should reserve power for domestic loads (lighting and domestic electric equipment).

We have solved this problem partially due to the use of power consumption optimization electronic circuits, and thanks to this we are capable to provide efficient use of film electric heating system Zebra at objects with some deficit of installed power. However one should remember that this is a compromise, and, as any compromise, it leads to reduction of efficiency indices, in our case – in power consumption.

In any case, each situation is unique, so the specific solution for it is also individual. And we can only remind you that our specialists are always ready to consult you in any question that interests you. Ask them in any way, convenient for you: write down, make a call, or request return call!